Core – Tone and strengthen your core abdominal muscles with this targeted workout.

Pump – Will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body and produce lean body muscle conditioning.

Boxing – This class uses boxing gloves and mitts and will get your Heart Rate up whilst strengthening your arms, legs and core.

Boot Camp (seasonal) – Indoor or outdoor fun games and activities and strengthening work to tone your body and increase your heart rate. 

HIIT — Give it all you've got with this high intensity workout.

Fitball — A core strengthening class designed to improve  range of motion, strength, stability coordination and balance.

Functional - range of functional exercises designed to assist you in daily activities, strength and flexibility.

Kettle Bells - Combines the benefits of weight training with high intensity cardio to help you shred, define & build muscle.

Metafit; High intensity workout using body weight only to do explosive and plyometric exercises and to increase your metabolism 

Prehab Class- using a variety of functional tools to help with simple changes to incorrect functioning of muscles and allow to body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength, cardiovascular endurance while predominantly concentrating on core, hip stability and shoulder stability.

Step  Class – Increase your Heart Rate and get your butt toned with this aerobic step class.

Step Strength - Using weights on the step to increase strength, balance,increased and muscle tone.

SSR: Stretch, Strength and Relax - This class uses 3 different methods of stretching to help improve flexibility, avoid and improve injuries as well as strengthen muscles.  It is for the body and mind and helps alleviate physical and mental stress.

Circuit – A high intensity circuit class involving hand weights, medicine balls, fit balls, skipping, boxing, including both strengthening activities and cardio activities for a whole body workout.