Through changing my habits and incorporating exercise into my daily routine, I have become a happier, healthier, and more confident version of myself. In November 2016, I decided to join the Infinity360 Gym in Diamond Creek. At that stage, I wasn’t familiar with the correct use of free weight or cardio equipment, but the professional and experienced fitness instructors at Infinity360, especially Linda, Lauren, Dani, and Paula provided me with step-by-step guidance and advice. This demonstration of correct technique and appreciation of different abilities ensured that I did not injure myself. Each class was unique, ranging from stretching to MetaFIT workouts, and personal training packages.
I started attending three classes a week, including Linda’s strength training classes, where I learnt exercises that involve using your own body weight or working against a resistance. As the weeks progressed, I began to not only see a physical change emerge, but also a behavioural one. I became disciplined with my eating habits, and used exercise as an effective way to combat stress and cravings. More importantly, I varied my routine to prevent monotony. I started attending HIIT sessions at least twice a week, which further accelerated my weight loss and improved my cardiovascular endurance.
The trainers at Infinity360 have motivated and guided me along this process which in turn has helped to strengthen my self-esteem and self-perception. I’ve learnt to re-embrace my love for sport and appreciate the myriad of health benefits it has to offer.

25th Jan 2018


I'm proud to be working with this extremely determined woman in preparation to get her health back and conquer her fight against cancer!! Part of her care plan is exercise during chemotherapy as research has shown that it can minimise the side effect of the treatment. This will both make the patient feel better physically and emotionally. 
Easing nausea during chemotherapy
improving blood flow to the legs, reducing the risk of blood clots
easing constipation by stimulating digestion and elimination systems
easing fatigue
And general well being

Angie's story
My new year’s resolution was to increase my fitness and flexibility. Although a gym member for a number of years I had neglected to attend as regularly as I should and was reluctant to try the new equipment and classes on offer. At the end of last year I finally plucked up the courage to start a fortnightly personal trainer session and I was happy to continue this as I knew it was making a difference.
Then in May I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma stage 4 and commenced a course of chemotherapy. The diagnosis was a shock because I had no symptoms until I found some lumps in my neck and I was feeling fit and well after following my new regime at the gym. On the advice of my oncologist I went to see an exercise physiologist. She recommended I walk every day and go to the gym three times a week. I came away from that appointment feeling really pleased. This was something that would give me some control over my recovery and would help to minimise the side effects from the chemotherapy. This was something positive I could do to help myself get better.
I now have a weekly personal training session with Linda, I attend a stretch class at the gym and do a circuit another day. This has helped me tremendously both physically and emotionally. I feel good after each session and I know this is something which helps me recover from the effects of chemotherapy. I also feel stronger and more flexible.
I am extremely lucky in having such a wonderful and inspiring personal trainer who understands what I am going through. Linda has encouraged me all along the way. She has shown me how beneficial exercise is and has given me a range of different exercises to keep me fit and flexible and to counteract the effects of my treatment.

Angie Wallis


Meet the lovely Julie - she is a type 1 diabetic and a healthy lifestyle with a consistent exercise program including a combination of strength training and cardio is crucial to her well being. 
This is her story thus far:" I joined Infinity 360 health & fitness in late January this year, I weighed in at 98 kg, I was assessed today and was extremely happy to see I have lost 6 kilos and a total of 48 cm, 10 cm of my tummy alone ( visceral fat ) which is crucial in order for me to have more control over my sugar levels. It's so important for me and all diabetes alike to exercise, it has helped me feel more energetic, agile and well and looking good too!!! I love the trainers and the gym, I've been to many gyms before over the years but this has been the best one, and good for me. "
Cheers Julie


Meet Amalia, this is her journey 

"I had been struggling for some time with losing the few stubborn kilos mainly positioned around my belly area. I was also regularly self-sabotaging my hard work at the gym with bad food choices.

I needed to break this cycle and change my mindset.

I decided to do the 8 week Nutrition & Exercise Challenge and I set myself 3 goals:

· Lose belly fat

· Become leaner

· Become fitter and stronger

The combination of Linda providing advice on my exercise program and Di providing informative sessions and food coaching has been brilliant. Their guidance has helped me to achieve my goals

Regular exercise, healthy eating choices and applying the 80/20 rule so that you do not deprive yourself has worked for me. It’s all about balance and moderation. The switch has finally turned on.

I am now determined and committed to making clean eating a habit and the norm in my life.

My strength, endurance and flexibility have improved and I am working towards more muscle strength, definition and toning. I am hooked.

Maintaining a regular exercise regime is so easy at Infinity 360 Health & Fitness. I really enjoy coming to the gym. The classes, be it strength training, metafit, HIIT, fitball, core or kettlebells are always versatile, fun and challenging.

The social aspect of this place has also contributed to my achievement. I train with some amazing women who are always so friendly, encouraging and supportive.

I am so grateful to Linda for inspiring and encouraging me. She has taught me so much. She has instilled in me the belief that age is no barrier to achieving a lean, strong and healthy body. I am also grateful to Paula, Lauren & Danni who each contribute so positively to my experience here.

They are all awesome.

The team at Infinity 360 Health & Fitness have done wonders for my mental and physical well being. I absolutely love this place.

Amalia Hales

Meet lovely Rena- when I first meet this gorgeous woman she had very little coordination skills and walked with her shoulders hunched over, she had back issues due to many years of nursing, she was just staying within her comfort zone in her training with very little results and her back aching, until I suggested personal training to take her to the next level in order to strengthen her core and add support through her muscular system through strength & conditioning training to support her skeletal system - here is her story
My journey with personal training begun about 10 weeks ago...and I can tell you it was the best decision I ever made. My issue was never weight but I wanted to shed some body fat and have some muscle and I needed motivation.
So in that 10 weeks I have done exactly that and more. Linda at Infinity has guided me through each session by teaching me the right technique with weights and exercises. Each session is different but not losing focus on the areas we are working on and most important for me she makes it fun and interesting that I want to exercise. I actually look forward to going to the gym!! Linda has given me the education so that I'm able to workout at the gym without her guidance at times and I feel confident doing so. She has educated me on what exercises work well for my body without compromising my back as I have had issues. If anything my back now feels stronger and pain free. I'm now lifting weights that I never imagined doing.
I have lost 22cm in total so far and still counting..I have strength that I never thought I would have and I feel so much better in my body overall..I have confidence and determination and I feel great 😀💪
Thank you so very much Linda for giving me the motivation and making me feel so much better about myself, your support is amazing!!
Rena Tancredi
Hurstbridge Vic

Katrine - testimonial

I've been coming to infinity 360 fir 2 1/2 years and after hating the gym in the past I just love coming here. I've worked with Linda and Di the nutritional throughout and lost 10 kg and lots of cm but wanted a little more inspiration and fine tuning in nutrition and exercise so I have just completed the 8 week challenge. Which was great. I was able to lose an extra 2 kg that I haven't been able to shift . I also lost more cm and feel fantastic. 
Just love the real ness of these ladies , say it like it is and get on with it. 
I really love being a part of this gym. This is the longest I've ever been going. In the past I wouldn't last 6 months. But now wouldn't miss it.

Thanks for the extra kick up the bum Linda and Di. Thank you to the Infinity crew for the support and guidance and making it possible 💪💪

Jeanette 💪👌
I started this challenge because I wanted to lose some stubborn kilos brought on by menopause and for some motivation. I have been going to gym for nearly 12mths but knew I had to step up to the next level. With the encouragement of Linda & Paula I'm now a regular at the classes, which I never thought I could have done. Thanks Linda for your support and expertise as a trainer. A big thank you also to Di for all the invaluable information on nutrition and meal planning. I'm now 3.3kg lighter and have shed 20cm of body fat, I'm eating and sleeping better and have a lot more energy. Thanks ladies 💕

Cathy Sacco - my testimonial
Last year after finally deciding to do something about my weight after many years of yoyo dieting and putting on more and more weight - I joined Infinity 360 . All the staff are so helpful . 
I look forward to training with Linda as every week the exercises are different but working on the areas that need attention . Linda makes my PT session enjoyable and gives me encouragement throughout the session . I walk away after each session feeling great in myself . 
I have lost 25 kgs and on total since joining in November 2016 . I love relaxing in the Vibrosauana after my PT session as it gives me something to look forward to after exercising, it helps relax and rejuvenate me after the pt session. 
Thank you so much Linda for your great support , motivation , encouragement and expertise as a trainer .


Hi my name is Philippa .
I have been training with Linda since late December last year. Since then I have lost 20kg. I am much stronger, fitter and able to do exercises I never thought I could.

Linda is a great trainer, she works me hard but it's worth it!

Thank you Linda

"The team have been instrumental in developing a personalised fitness and health program with amazing  results." - Olga, Greensborough VIC

"I would to thank you for all your efforts. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the changes you have made at the  gym. Infinity360 has inspired me to extend out of my comfort zone. Your enthusiasm and motivation is very  much appreciated. The Boot Camps during the Challenge were excellent . 2 each week, you really did put in  more than 100%. Once again THANK YOU. I regard the gym as my 2nd home . I always get a warm welcome.  " - Susie, Hurstbridge VIC

"Great morning work out, boxing at 8.30am, quick bike ride then straight into pump at 10am. Loving the  classes and absolutely love our instructor Linda P"  Delyth, Doncaster VIC

CONGRATS ROBYN ON BEING OUR BIGGEST WEIGHT LOSS PATRON :Robyn has had a tough journey turning her life around after breaking her ankle, working through the rehab and going into the classes and bootcamps as well as using the vibrosuan and The Cambridgeweightplan to help shed the weight. We would like to reward Robyn with a 10 pass PT pass and 10 sessions in the Vibrosaun to help her reach her final goal in June to get her into that bikini in Croatia. Well done gorgeous girl, all that hard work with you sweating and I tormenting you with " give me more" is paying off- congrats love your beautiful spirit and resilience. Robyn has lost 60 kilos in the past 12 month. 

Mother and daughter Katrin and Steph have totally transformed their bodies! Both have lost over 10kgs eachwith strength training and interval training combined with nutritional guidelines and vibrosaun sessions.





"My journey comes from the heart. In my journey of transformation I have found through Infinity 360 an awesome and beautiful mentor, Linda. She is an inspiring and encouraging little pocket rocket. With her by my side assisting me and believing in me I will keep charging forward. Thank you Linda and all girls for your support".

Member of the month.

"50 kilos lighter, 1 year later-1000x Happier" Robyn